Super Karin alert ring

Super Karin saves the world and still manages to look fabulous!

Yippee, I'm on a family trip to Minnesota, USA. An ultimate chance to take a look at local jewelry! Karin Jacobson is a jewelry designer from Minneapolis, who uses sterling silver and lab-grown (less expensive) gems to be able to focus on form and make her designs affordable, this in combination with beauty, craftmanship and great design which is what fine jewellery has always been about. As also with this ring, play is a central theme in her work. Her inspiration comes from science fiction, comic books, mechanical toys and Japanese animation. This ring is called Bubbler and is part of  a series named 'Cocktail Rings'. On the first page of her comic book- catalog, she (as a comic figure called Super Karin) uses it as an alert ring! I thought it was so much fun, I had to share it with you! This comic book is what makes her jewelry stand out.

PS this blog seems to be all about rings, but that is not my intention! There will be other pieces, who knows maybe next time??


Crystal ice ring


crystal ice ring

this was 1 ring, the water left-over from one ring

A  beautiful reaction to our mass consumer society is made by Carolien Van Den Hole in the shape of crystal ice rings. She an textile- and productdesigner from Belgium, who searches for authenticity, uniqueness, experience and emotional satisfaction that lasts in her work. So instead of selling rings, she sells the mold for you to make your own crystal ice ring. Wear it straight out of the freezer for only about one minute until it melts. The sensation would be a cherishable moment on a hot summers day. Her design also makes a great gift. That way you have the choice of giving the mold so the receiver can make as many rings as she/he likes or giving your own homemade crystal ice ring to be worn by the receiver for just that special moment.

Last week I went to the opening of Carolien Van Den Hole's exhibition E.erste H.ulp B.ij O.ntwerpen (First Aid With Design) at the Beyond Fashion Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. The rings and their molds are on display in a stylish little white freezer with a glass door.


Vote for this ring

This is the wonderful The love inside #5 ring by Colleen Baran. She is a multidisciplinary artist (working in jewellery, photography and book-work) from Canada. She exhibits her work internationally and has been published in North America. Her work is based on a love of language pattern and form, as show well in in her The love story #5 ring. The ring is individually handmade of sterling silver and mylar paper that can be cut but not torn. It has bold, subtle and brave declarations of love hidden within. You can write your own little secret notes for your sweetheart to carry with them. Just slide the little story inside the ring..... It is one of a series of rings that in some way or another carry a love story and it is my personal favorite! The love inside #5 is a simple and sleek structure that has a hidden romantic side to it. This makes wearing (and giving) the ring incredibly personal without showing it off in the design.

The love inside #5 ring is currently nominated in the Cooper-Hewitt Peoples Design Award! Go and click to vote for The love inside #5 at: http://peoplesdesignaward.cooper-hewitt.org/2008/nominee/1592
You can vote until tuesday October 21st, so hurry!

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