Summer love

Although the weather has not been very summer-like in the northern part of Europe, we have still managed to sneek in some of our beautiful seasonal traditions. We love picking the fruit and vegetables growning at my parents place, and eating them! Of course the boys went hunting for bugs and took a shower in the wild at those precious sunny moments, total summer bliss!


Supabold: Fluidvase

Some actions can easily be associated with an object. Like pouring water into a vase. This action is shaped into a real object by Supabold. The best part is you get to decide which part of the pouring action you love most! On their website you can set your own parameters, all you have to do is choose. This is what I would pour:

Or shall I do this?:


Pocket Change

Another proud moment for me; broesvitrine was featured in the lifestyle blog Pocket Change:Be in Style in their weekly review of the most unique, informative and intriguing sites on the web called Best of the Web!! Yeah!


Mom Story

A long time love of mine is Bloesem, an interior design blog by a wonderful Dutch lady, Irene.

A few years ago she also started Bloesem kids, a great resource for anything related to kids, focusing on beauty of course! One of the features of the blog I like to read is Mom Story, where moms or dads get to share their take on life with kids. And * drumroll * today it was my turn! It is so much fun to see us online, what do you think?


plint tapestry

Nobody likes waiting. You may want human interaction, or something to do.This beauty makes it all better.

Plint Typestry from MotionTales on Vimeo.

PLINT typestry is a wall carpet by Sinja Bloeme. It is her graduation project and she graduated cum laude, rightfully so.
Found through April and May.



Okay, it is time for a change. I love jewelry and I love to blog, but there is more! I love art, design, food, nature, cities, civilization, technology, imperfection and simple things, although not necessarily in that order. I love people big and small, accidental encounters, profound conversations and even the occasional gossip. I love the internet and reality. I find wonderful things everywhere in my life and would love to share it with you through this blog. There will still be plenty of jewelry, that won’t change. There will just be more to be excited about, a broader perspective. It is still my broesvitrine blog, but all about beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder.

A little taste of the magic:

SHOWY SEAL Simple ribbons magically shaped into animals by Ribbonesia, also in the form of brooches at gallery Deux Poissons

Make sure you watch the stunning video of this recipe by tiger in a jar.

Our son Raffie also made the delicious cake, with help from our electrical appliances while I was looking over his shoulder, Sunday-morning love!

Anything by Rhett dashwood , especially heavy backpack

Our own pond full of salamander surprise, we love to watch our miniature dinosaurs.

Beautiful (name) stamps by Muswerk.