Far away a shape appears, a wave of individuals, volatile reverberations, captivating, emerging and constantly changing, filling your sight.
Come closer to hear the submerged whisper, blown by breathing voices, indistinctive, continuous public confessions, filling your mind.
A gathering, a group, a view, composed paradoxes, a form, unpredicted, dispatched, attracted to be repulsed and united.
A base of Belgian independent artists spread their wings, their mumbling now resonating globally, to form this murmuration.

This exhibition will run during 'Schmuck' in Munich this March, I'm really looking forward to it!
Contact the artists through their facebook page: Friends of Schmuck 2012.


Finding Home

Oh, I am smiling right now :). Have a look, you will smile too!

I even watched the product-line up at the end. LOVE!

This video came from MUUTO.



When I wrote about ceramic beauty I sort of promised to follow up on the process-photographs of work by Hilde De Decker. Last Sunday was the opening of the group exhibition ‘Hitte’ (Heat in Dutch). Intrigued by the pictures I posted on the blog, I went to have a look. When I walked in, I got a warm and homely feeling, nothing like the regular exhibition space. The- very kitcheny- cupboards, displaying the work, contained lifelike, ceramic, food items. One cupboard was filled with stacks of ceramic waffles (yes, obviously from Belgium :) that looked like they had stayed in the waffle-iron for to long and got scorched black. The next one showed a full string of garlic in the shape of a neckpiece, made out of very thin ceramic, and some ceramic cake tins, dripping with rich, vanilla colored, glaze. These pieces were alternated by saddle-shaped shields; built out of thin layers of clay. To me, they embodied the human presence in this domestic setting, almost as if aprons had been taken off and left there. One of the shields even had straps with a buckle attached to it,suggesting wearability. The fact that Hilde De Decker is a jewelry artist shows through, even when she uses ceramic sculptures as a medium. In her works, the suggestion of the human body plays an important role, although not necessarily as a wearer. I was really drawn to all of the objects, because of their homey suggestion, but after a while they started to push me away. The delicious waffles: completely burnt! The cake tins, even with glaze on, were only molds and not actual cakes. The huge string of garlic looked too fragile to touch, and would smell enormously if real, not to mention the symbolism of garlic. The shields became defensive instead of protective. Like most things in life, these works surely had two sides to them!

The exhibition is also worth a visit for the quirky shape of the building, which had been restored and made into exhibition-space by Frank Steyaert. And for the works by the other participating artists of course, such as the wonderful sculptures by AnneMarie Laureys with amazing texture and color inside and out. And the work ‘Fever’ by Hanneke van Hage out of Persian tapestry and porcelain shoes, laid out in a certain pattern.
This exhibition runs until December 4th, at gallery and private museum Frank Steyaert, Tinnenpotstraat 16, Gent, Belgium.


Happy Halloween!

Everybody at our house is getting really excited for Halloween tomorrow.

We have been decorating and fantasizing all day!
There´s lots of inspiration to be found online, so here is a little summary for you...

Food is a great way to celebrate Halloween, so get your house filled with the scent of this delicious pumpkin bread and maple butter. Or have your party eat bats! (for the people that understand Dutch only, sorry)

Of course drinks cannot stay behind, here is a fun way to get those in style.

Our boys love to craft and there is loads to choose from at this wonderful boys-blog. Or even a simple coloring page can really help with the decorating.

Let´s not forget about the costume, this one is super easy and will scare for sure!

And since Halloween is also about goodies, here you can enter to win some. They will make you look BOOtiful…

Happy Halloween!!


Klimt02 Gallery newsletter #35

Last night I found a wonderful thing in my email! This great picture is what I saw first when I opened Klimt02 Gallery newsletter #35. The rough brick wall had me intrigued, and I wondered about the lamp. When scrolling down I found a perfect outline of the United Kingdom, made from plaster left on the wall. WOW! A red-ish dot and a 'g' marked the spot where the event would take place. This U.K. has a g-spot; and a sniggering smile appeared across my face.

The g stands for gallery of course. Gallery S O in London is hosting the touring exhibition ‘Collect rocks, plant flag’ curated by Klimt02 (Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu) with the support of Benjamin Lignel. It takes place from November 4th until November 27th and shows work by David Bielander, Alexander Blank, Gemma Draper, Manon van Kouswijk, Benjamin Lignel, Sari Liimatta and Marc Monz√≥, a promising combination.
I am still smiling over the great picture though, and wondering about the lamp…