Happy Halloween!

Everybody at our house is getting really excited for Halloween tomorrow.

We have been decorating and fantasizing all day!
There´s lots of inspiration to be found online, so here is a little summary for you...

Food is a great way to celebrate Halloween, so get your house filled with the scent of this delicious pumpkin bread and maple butter. Or have your party eat bats! (for the people that understand Dutch only, sorry)

Of course drinks cannot stay behind, here is a fun way to get those in style.

Our boys love to craft and there is loads to choose from at this wonderful boys-blog. Or even a simple coloring page can really help with the decorating.

Let´s not forget about the costume, this one is super easy and will scare for sure!

And since Halloween is also about goodies, here you can enter to win some. They will make you look BOOtiful…

Happy Halloween!!

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