Happy Halloween!

Everybody at our house is getting really excited for Halloween tomorrow.

We have been decorating and fantasizing all day!
There´s lots of inspiration to be found online, so here is a little summary for you...

Food is a great way to celebrate Halloween, so get your house filled with the scent of this delicious pumpkin bread and maple butter. Or have your party eat bats! (for the people that understand Dutch only, sorry)

Of course drinks cannot stay behind, here is a fun way to get those in style.

Our boys love to craft and there is loads to choose from at this wonderful boys-blog. Or even a simple coloring page can really help with the decorating.

Let´s not forget about the costume, this one is super easy and will scare for sure!

And since Halloween is also about goodies, here you can enter to win some. They will make you look BOOtiful…

Happy Halloween!!


Klimt02 Gallery newsletter #35

Last night I found a wonderful thing in my email! This great picture is what I saw first when I opened Klimt02 Gallery newsletter #35. The rough brick wall had me intrigued, and I wondered about the lamp. When scrolling down I found a perfect outline of the United Kingdom, made from plaster left on the wall. WOW! A red-ish dot and a 'g' marked the spot where the event would take place. This U.K. has a g-spot; and a sniggering smile appeared across my face.

The g stands for gallery of course. Gallery S O in London is hosting the touring exhibition ‘Collect rocks, plant flag’ curated by Klimt02 (Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu) with the support of Benjamin Lignel. It takes place from November 4th until November 27th and shows work by David Bielander, Alexander Blank, Gemma Draper, Manon van Kouswijk, Benjamin Lignel, Sari Liimatta and Marc Monz√≥, a promising combination.
I am still smiling over the great picture though, and wondering about the lamp…


Happy World Animal-day!

Today, on October 4th, we celebrate animal-rights! As an animal lover, I know our pets are getting spoiled today…
These lovely animals are our sweeties; they each have their fun quirks.

Hally: this love-cat comes in every morning for a big hug, and a bite to eat, after which she tries to sneak off to sleep on our bed (still warm). May be around during the day, but always shows up in the evening for more cuddling. Needs to be out at night to catch bugs and allsorts. The cat acts as a lucky charm.

Koninja: our cute bunny loves to cuddle, hear his name, and be near to us. Given a chance, he hops off into the shrubbery to roam free for as long as it lasts… The rabbit is a symbol of love and fertility, guards fortune.

‘The black one’: is always happily waiting for any left-over food to be gobbled up quickly, produces a small but delicious egg on a daily base, companion of ‘The brown one’. The chicken is a symbol of motherhood and security.

Fishies: These two seem to be super hungry all the time! They love to look at us doing our thing. They have taken turns in near death experiences, but have pulled trough fortunately! Goldfish stand for perseverance and successful living (as they have proven already).

The salamanders: our unexpected pets! After they were discovered in spring, they have been a source of fun for the boys. Specially when they started to have babies, their gills are so beautiful! The salamander stands for purification and renewal.

Mouse: another unintentional pet for only a short time, brought to us by our cat Hally. A good example of the enormous array of animals wandering in our garden. The mouse is a symbol of innocence and faith, eye for detail.

As a special World Animal day treat, you will get a 5 Euro discount on every broesvi-animal-jewel ordered through the broesvi website today!